I Led a Hunger Strike. At Daycare.

Often times, it’s easy for us to overlook the small details that reveal the true character of someone. I’d hate for you to miss out on getting to know me, and hiring a superstar. I thought I’d extend a courtesy of sharing a quick tidbit that might allow you some insight on who I am as a person.

You might be wondering right now if I’m embellishing or trying to be charming. I’m not. Well I mean, sure I’m charming, but this is my real life. I’d like to preface this by saying as an adult, I love tuna fish. However, as a child, I did not stand for it. While in daycare, we were being served tuna sandwiches for lunch. Now, I’ve always been an old soul, but I never realized how ahead of my time I was until my parents told me this story.

Rumor has it, while being served above mentioned tuna sammy, I refused it. I refused to eat cat food. You see, Tom and Jerry was a big hit back in the early 90s, at least where I’m concerned. As most children did, I learned societal norms and rules from the television. And television told me that tuna was for cats and I am not an animal- you see where this is going? The true moral of this story is that I’m just a natural born leader.

Many children starved themselves that day. It was their blind obedience that instilled in me the confidence I needed to navigate life as I knew it.

How this translates as me being an employee: I influence and lead accordingly.

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