My Rejection-Based value

What others may consider a fail was my proudest accomplishment for this year: I was turned down for a role as Marketing Coordinator with Dame Products.

First of all, to date, it was the most amazing interview experience I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of! Everyone was incredibly kind and compassionate. These people inspired me to demand more from prospective employers, not in terms of development, but their humanity. The CEO was unbelievably approachable, as well as the HR and Marketing team. I honestly can gush about them all day long!

Why am I so happy about them not brining me onboard? I’m from a small Louisiana town. The fact that my pitch deck was considered “really good” and “on brand” was the only validation I will ever need as a social media marketer and low-key designer. Like, it wasn’t just Louisiana good, it was New York good. No shade to my home state.

How has this changed the trajectory of my job hunt? It made me realize I’d been selling myself short. There’s no good reason for me not to go for bigger brands, or cooler jobs because of fear, or lack of experience. In short, I’ve been told no by what I consider to be one of the best in their field. And it kind of changed me for the better.

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