What I’m looking for now

Like I mentioned in my About section, I’m really looking to shoot my shot for roles that excite me. The only concrete plan I have is to land said role at a cool place where I can stay put for some years to come. If that’s problematic for you, then I guess our employment courtship stops here.

My dream job? If it involves travel- the kind that requires a passport- sign me up! A non-profit that drives initiatives to support black women-sign me up! A brand that focuses on promoting sexual education + wellness-sign me up! Programs that seek to develop youth, foster the arts + encourage mental health advocacy-sign me up!

I’m looking for fulfillment. I’d love to work with organizations that serve a purpose other than making money and being seen. I’m totally looking at things like mission statements, impact reports, and any stats I can find on diversity and inclusion. I’m looking for a place where I can continue to develop while making an impact.

I’m based in South Louisiana, but believe me when I tell you I’m ready for an adventure and will relocate anywhere my Corolla will allow.

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