INTJ, Ravenclaw, enneagram 8, disc type- cd

Hey there, I’m Essie. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m taking an unconventional approach to my employment search. I’m doing my best to be transparent in hopes of attracting a role that I want and am excited about! I don’t have a specific title in mind, I’m simply shooting for positions I know I’d be excellent at with a brand/company I can grow with.

The Tribe Called Ess?

  1. I’m a major ATCQ fan. 8 Million Stories is one of your favorites too, right?
  2. I’m a Millennial that doesn’t always identify with my peers. I have a solid group of individual friends, but have yet to find my tribe. Until then, I’ve learned to navigate with the tribe I do have-myself. Hence, The Tribe Called Ess.

I’m a late bloomer. It took me 7 years to graduate as I had no real direction. Sense of self? Yes. Sense of career “goal”? Nope. I changed my major so many times because I struggled finding that intersection an analytical creative would thrive most in. I’ve taken on jobs I could do well with the skills I learned and did my best to make it work.

It’s not working. I want more. I crave more challenges and more opportunities to grow. My favorite quality about myself is my accountability. It’s on me to put myself out there to find the right role for me, and this website is what I feel to be a small but mighty remedy to my problem.

Lastly, my headwraps satisfy all dress code requirements. That’s non-negotiable.

About You.

You’re someone who’s valued diversity and inclusion long before it was trending. You value people who have those natural gifts you just can’t teach. Like leadership(read more about my leadership ability in my blog post about the hunger strike).

You’re looking for someone who desires to stay put with a company for a few years and grow together.

You’re compassionate, human, and constantly seek to be the best version of yourself. You believe in being of service to others and exercising humanity where you can.

You finally feel relief as you’ve gone through this site because you know in your heart that I’m a true contender.